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Mr Melancholy

This meeting was an exciting departure as we read the play ‘mr melancholy’. It is an unpublished play about a group of three very strange self proclaimed hermits living in a lighthouse. Their life is disturbed when a circus clown in a suitcase is washed ashore by a storm. Leanne sent us our scripts and chose our parts, and we ‘performed’ at the meeting.

Bill Collins (veteran Australian reviewer of vintage Hollywood movies) was apparently watching our performance of mr melancholy through a hole in the fence and he provided the following review

‘it was a stunning ensemble performance of mr melancholy including two revolutionary devices for the theatre – having no audience, and entirely changing the cast each scene.

both casts were superb, everyone managed to bring great stage presence, power and emotion to their performances despite, or possibly because, they were wearing clown hats and noses, and of course the direction was first class from the experienced leading Sydney theatre identity ms hillman’.

Thanks Bill

I thought the discussion was very interesting also, touching on friendships, power in relationships, fear, and the ideas of isolation, routine and inertia, not to mention the comparative severity of sins of omission V sins of commission.

I was a little disappointed there was no pirate in it so we couldn’t go around saying ‘arrh swab the decks ya salty dogs’. Although I guess a melancholy pirate wouldn’t do that. He would just slowly drag his peg leg around in a desultory fashion, occaionally looking up at his silent and moody parrot and saying to the crew ‘oh don’t worry about the decks, i can’t be bothered, just do whatever it is that salty dogs do’


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